Herbstrauschen Shawl

Back in October I spent a week on the Greek island of Zakynthos enjoying some late season sunshine with my sister in law and two teenage nieces. I took a crochet hook and a skein of wool with me (along with countless other threads,stitching projects,paints…you get the picture!) so I wanted a simple project to work on. I had a stash of downloaded patterns on my phone and finally decided on the Herbstrauschen pattern by Christina Adorjan:

I started crocheting on the train to Birmingham and then put in most of the hours sat on the balcony drinking coffee and chatting with the girls. 

Early morning view from the balcony, it wasn’t always this quiet!

My sis in law loved watching me making the scarf and asked me to make her one but as time is tight for me just now I finished this one and gave it to her for Christmas.

This is a great pattern that was challenging enough to keep it interesting and the three row repeat meant I could talk while I worked and pick up/put down the crochet without losing my place. I also learnt the German words for crochet stitches!

I’ve got a few more finished crochet projects to share, mainly more scarves, I think I need to enforce a crochet scarf ban in 2017 and get a bit more adventurous with my hooks! 


Finished Projects 2 years on…

Well it’s been nigh on 2 years since I’ve posted anything on here,I bet you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see how far I’ve got with the various projects I’ve featured on this blog! Well I’m glad to say that my Aubrey Beardsley embroidery is now finished, framed and hanging on the wall in the living room of the house I moved into at the tail end of 2014 


Aside from the wonky border I was really pleased with how this turned out although looking at these photos I spot a number of dog hairs trapped beneath the glass so I think a polish is in order!

I also finished my crocodile stitch bag (lined and with a fitted zip no less!) last summer:

The yarn I used in this bag was 100% nylon and I can confidently say that I will never work with this kind of yarn again as it was horrible to stitch with. Thankfully I used it all up in the bag so there is no 1/2 ball left 2 taunt me!

I’ve been working on and completed a few other projects over the past year, the majority of them have been for my beautiful little girl who has just turned one so I’ll post pictures of these over the coming weeks. 

In common with a lot of people I find the Autumn an energising time of year and now I’m into a routine with the little one I have more time for doing embroidery and crochet (the things that keep me sane!) so I’ve spent 15 mins this afternoon writing up my winter list of stuff I want to do and restarting the blog was one of them. Just have to keep the momentum going now! Thanks for reading x

Some Happy Hooking





About 18 months back I made this ripple afghan blanket for an old pal of mine, I chose the colours based on her dreadlocks which are black with woven in coloured strands (her hair looks better than it sounds and doesn’t include the dog hairs which have made their way into my crochet!). Her mum really liked the blanket and wanted to take it home with her so I said that I would make her one as well…I finally got round to starting it about 6 weeks ago but instead of replicating what I’d already made I thought I’d try a new pattern, it’s thanks again to Mikey at The Crochet Crowd that I’ve learnt another new crochet stitch – Tunisian Entrelac:




I found this stitch quite addictive – I’m sure i’m not alone with the “I’ll just do one more square..I’ll just get to the end of this row…I’ll just make a start with a new row just to see how the colours sit together…” and before you know it the hours have flown by but I think that’s why I enjoy any creative activity – the joy of being lost in the moment.

I’m making a serious attempt to use up the materials I have around me and I’m pleased to say that all of the yarn used (apart from a new ball of yellow yarn I had to buy after I frustratingly ran out towards the end of the row!) came from the stash. These aren’t the kind of colours I would normally be drawn to but I think the blanket has a spring feel to it and the solid sections of purple,yellow and white were inspired by the crocuses I’d seen down the park. In the centre I’ve used the last of the yarn that featured in the original blanket.





So here’s the finished article – I did a ripple stitch edge to the blanket but I think I’ve added extra stitches along the way as the border has a bit of flounce about it, but it looks fine so I’m not too bothered about my sloppy stitch counting!
And of course as soon as I put the blanket on the sofa for a photograph my dog pal had to jump on it just to add in some extra hairs as a final touch.