Secret Paths Shawl

This is my version of the Secret Paths Shawl designed by Johanna Lindal. I used ‘Batik Swirl’ DK Yarn from Style craft for this project. I thought the yarn contained more purple than pink when I chose it, I tend to veer towards blues and greens for my crochet so it was good to move out of my colour comfort zone.

As you can see from this photo it is very chunky when made up, I see a lot of women wearing massive scarves and it’s a look I don’t think I can carry off!

Here is my younger model showing it off to better advantage

I enjoyed making this and I think I will add some tassels as featured on the original design.

I had planned to put a Shawl/scarf making ban on myself but they are my favourite item to make, they don’t take ages to do and its a good way to learn new stitches and techniques.

I started to make a cardigan about a year ago but its fallen by the wayside. I’m nervous of crocheting clothing, I don’t know if it’s the time it takes, the cost of the yarn or worrying if it is going to fit me properly and look good. I know I should just go for it, after all, I can just unpick it and make more shawls from the yarn!


Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

I absolutely loved some of the designs on my daughters first baby gros, leggings and T-shirts. I don’t have to room to keep all of my favourites so I thought I’d make a quilt. The problem of working with baby clothes is their size (pretty obvious really!) so I decided to design my quilt using half square triangles in an attempt to use as much of the fabric as possible.

I don’t think I’m alone in finding the cutting, piecing, pressing and squaring of the blocks extremely satisfying!

I found the quilt design Promise of Spring on Pinterest, I was amazed by the versatility of the half square triangle and as I still have a ton of half square triangles left over from making the quilt top I plan to make up a sample block quilt (once I’ve finished this one!)

I like the back of the quilt as well!

I plan to have this finished in the next couple of weeks – I started it nearly a year ago so it’s time to get it moved from the WIP pile. I’m adding a simple border, not sure how to quilt it yet, I’ll probably do straight lines in the white section to push the coloured sections forward but I’ll quilt a couple of test blocks before I dive in!

Pine Needle Embroidery

I’ve had the idea of doing ‘something’ combining pine needles and embroidery for ages so I finally put needles to fabric and got stitching. The road I walk down when I’m out with the dog is littered with pine needles and I am always struck by the lovely patterns they make on the pavement.

I am really pleased with how this has turned out and as I have a plentiful supply of needles I’m planning on creating some more designs – probably incorporating some beads as well – in the coming weeks.

Here’s some photos of the work as it progressed, those little demons in my head that attempt to squash any creative ideas were out in force in the early stages saying “why are you spending hours stitching down pine needles? It’s going to look rubbish!” but I pushed on and they are now silenced by the finished result!

It looks good held up to the light too:

While stitching I wondered how the design would look on a coloured background and I’m also thinking of doing a number of different sized circles on a larger piece of fabric… I have too many ideas and too little time!

Foundation paper piecing

As I’m working on a large quilt project at the moment I thought I’d do a bit of experimenting with foundation paper piecing to give me a break from the the what feels like endless Half Square Triangle cutting and piecing!

I copied this simple design, watched a couple of YouTube videos and I was away.

I made the rookie error of not checking that the fabric was large enough to cover the space so I just added another section to cover the gap:

I really enjoyed this and can see a lot of potential in the technique. As I didn’t want yet another random piece of fabric around me I took the opportunity to try out some different free motion stitch patterns. I’m now using it as a coaster on my work desk, it adds a nice splash of colour to my environment and if I’m having a long day it makes me look forward to getting home and doing some more stitching!

Summer Journal – Day 15 – 21

I’m well behind on my posts for the Summer Journal Challenge so here are my pages from Week 3 covering the 15th – 21st July. I’ve got a few days off work so I’m hoping to catch up with the missing pages in my book which will be posted at some point! July 15

 July 15th I saw a girl doing this when I was on holiday last week, so jealous!


July 16th – A work do with too much alcohol and not enough food led to me falling asleep on the last train home and waking up way past my stop. I was v shamed faced the next day as my boyfriend had to pay the taxi driver when I reeled in the door an hour later than intended with only £2 to my name…

July 17

July 17th –  Milk Cartons Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

July 18

July 18th – If All Else Fails…

July 19

July 19th  School Uniform Memories

July 20

July 20th Favourite Colour

July 21

July 21st – I’m sure I’m not alone in neglecting housework over the weekend!

That’s me for now, thanks for reading!



Summer Journal – Day 7 – 14

Here are my pages from week 2 of the Summer Journal Challenge that I’m really enjoying taking part in. There’s nothing as adventurous as chocolate painting for me this week, I’ve used my phone sketchbook, photographs, pencils, pastels and a quill pen so there’s a bit of variety in the pages. There’s been some interesting prompts so I hope you enjoy how I’ve interpreted them.

Day 7  Here’s a practical use of an egg plus an eggsample of the bad puns you can make with an egg!

July 7th 2014


Day 8 – The last time I walked in the rain


July 8th 2014


Day 9 – A coffee on the train to start the day “Aaahh, that’s better, I feel more awake now!”

July 9th 2014


Day 10 – If I’d had time I’d love to have made a pop up page for this prompt, it’s something |I might try in the future – my 6 year old self loved pop up books!

July 10th 2014


Day 12 – Nothing very exciting happening outside my window today!

July 12th 2014


Day 13 – I went to the Bruce Festival in Dunfermline over the weekend and there was a stall where you could try writing Medieval style using a quill pen and ink. I did the date and wrote my name then wrote up the page the next day. It took me back to learning to write as we were supposed to do the brush strokes in a certain order which I found quite hard to do. The ink was still wet when I put the paper in my bag hence the big splodges of ink on the right of the page!

July 13th 2014


Day 14  – I couldn’t go on holiday without my camera and midge repellent!

July 14th 2014


So that’s my weeks worth, I missed Day 11 for some reason so I’ll write down the prompt on a page and fill it in at some point in the future. I’m off to have a read of the other journals on the Pinterest page now, I think that’s the part of this challenge that I am enjoying the most – there’s some talented people with interesting stories out there!

Ice sheets textile piece

I did a post about a month ago on an idea I had for a textile piece based on the ice sheets at Loch Erochty (im writing this on my phone and haven’t worked out how to insert links yet!)


I finally made a start on a test piece last night and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. Because I’ve been making this in my head for a while (basically since I first laid eyes on the ice!) And I’m essentially just stitching down rippled fabric it only took a couple of hours to do which is just as well as I need to have the proper one done by next Tuesday when I head down south to visit the family – Queen of the last minute as usual!




Think this is going to look amazing made with the piece of white pure silk I’ve got waiting in the wings – roll on the weekend so I can get cracking! ☺