Summer Journal – Should Scotland be an independent country?

Last week over 80% of the Scottish population went and made a cross on a piece of paper to decide the fate of the United Kingdom. On Referendum Day I took a walk down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh to the Scottish Parliament as I wanted to record as much of this momentous occasion as I could so as well as taking photographs I collected the leaflets and stickers that were handed to me as I walked. I met so many people on my walk that had voted yes (or Aye!) and there was a feeling of energy and optimism in the air but as the count went on through the night, a grey Friday dawned and we learned it was the quiet No voters who came out on top. I just hope that Cameron and his Westminster cronies keep the promise they made or there are going to be a lot of angry people up here!

This post is also a response to a prompt from the Summer Journal challenge that I didn’t do at the time but I’d spent a lot of time thinking about: ‘The answer is Yes! What is the question?’ Well the question was ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’I’ve a load more photos from the day which I’ll share over the coming weeks, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Summer Journal – Should Scotland be an independent country?

    • Hi Myfanwy, Yes I probably will, I enjoyed getting your daily prompts over the summer and they gave me loads of ideas, now Autumn is upon us I might have the time to bring some of them to fruition!

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