Summer Journal – Day 15 – 21

I’m well behind on my posts for the Summer Journal Challenge so here are my pages from Week 3 covering the 15th – 21st July. I’ve got a few days off work so I’m hoping to catch up with the missing pages in my book which will be posted at some point! July 15

 July 15th I saw a girl doing this when I was on holiday last week, so jealous!


July 16th – A work do with too much alcohol and not enough food led to me falling asleep on the last train home and waking up way past my stop. I was v shamed faced the next day as my boyfriend had to pay the taxi driver when I reeled in the door an hour later than intended with only £2 to my name…

July 17

July 17th –  Milk Cartons Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

July 18

July 18th – If All Else Fails…

July 19

July 19th  School Uniform Memories

July 20

July 20th Favourite Colour

July 21

July 21st – I’m sure I’m not alone in neglecting housework over the weekend!

That’s me for now, thanks for reading!