Summer Journal – Days 3 – 6


I’m behind with the posts but up to date with the journal pages! I’ve taken about 15 – 20 mins on each page and I’ve enjoyed introducing the journal to my daily routine. Details of the challenge are here if you want to join in!

I’ve also joined Pinterest this week so I can see what others are creating but I haven’t had the chance to have a play around on it yet so I’ll try and familiarize myself with its workings over the next few days!

Without further ado here’s my pages from the last four days, I wonder what next week will bring us?

July 3rd – Make a fashion statement! What’s your style? Jeans? Jersey? Jacket? Tell us what makes you comfortable – or SMART!

Summer Journal - Day 3

July 4th – Let’s be real – no dreaming (well, not much!) What would be your perfect day?

Summer Journal - Day 4

July 5th – Do you love to lose yourself in a good book? Drama? Detective? Maybe you would rather watch a good film or TV programme instead? Or maybe you just prefer to read the paper with your breakfast. Write about which you prefer.Summer Journal - Day 5

July 6 – Think hard about your day. Tell us about one thing that you do every day.

Summer Journal - Day 6


One thought on “Summer Journal – Days 3 – 6

  1. You have used some great ideas here. Love the cut out doll effect. Thanks so much for sharing. Pinterest is a good way to share, but it can be a timewaster too…..

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