Summer Journal day 2 – a scratch and sniff page


First off, hello to the folk who are also taking this challenge and are now following my blog, I hope you enjoy reading it ☺
For the prompt:
“If all the world was chocolate – what would you miss?”
It’s a cross between a Heston Blumenthal and a Willie Wonka style page from me today – it’s scratch, sniff and lick!
I love chocolate and ended up buying a massive bar on my lunch time trip to Lidls (while picturing chocolate buses and cars on the chocolate roads on the way and wondering how we would walk with chocolate legs) When I got home tonight and cracked open the bar I looked at the chunks on the packaging and they reminded me of blocks of paint which gave me the idea for today’s page.



Mmmmm,  I melted some down with boiling water and painted it on to a piece of the cardboard packaging. I then went round the edge using a chunk as a crayon (I should have wrapped it in something first as I had warm hands and it started to get a bit messy!) Looking at my page I think I would miss colour the most, I’ve written across the top “Like living in a sepia photograph that tastes and smells amazing” but I think even I would get tired of my endless diet of chocolate. I would normally have eaten at least half of that bar by now but I only managed a chunk tonight, I think spending the day in a world of chocolate put me off it!



One thought on “Summer Journal day 2 – a scratch and sniff page

  1. Now that is original! I don’t think anyone else has painted their page with chocolate 😀

    We used to visit a family that lived near a chocolate factory (they have since moved). The sweet sickly smell was just too much, but apparently if you live with it every day it just becomes part of the norm.

    Thanks for sharing. I might be a little late over the next few days, but I will catch up.

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