Summer Journal Day 1

July 1st 2014

I always enjoy reading blog posts where the writer is taking part in a daily challenge so I thought I’d sign up to this challenge as I love looking at art journals but I’ve never attempted to keep one myself, so this seemed like a great opportunity to give it a try.

Prompt 1

Take some time today to be quiet. Maybe you will have a chance to sit in the garden – or at the window – or even on the bus. Wherever you are, just take time to LISTEN.

Write about what you hear.

I used the sketchbook app on my phone to create my first page and it was done on my train journey home from work tonight. As anyone who uses public transport knows it is often far from quiet but I enjoyed sitting and listening to what was going on around me (even if it was crying children!) instead of having my headphones plugged in my ears! It’s not an amazing piece of artwork but it was fun to do and I’m hoping to use plenty of different materials to create future pages. I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow? : )






4 thoughts on “Summer Journal Day 1

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