Enter the Dragon – Exit Johnny Clarke


‘Kung Fu International’ by John Cooper Clarke keeps popping into my head while I’m working on my dragon quilt – he’s one of my favourite poets and I’ve my Uncle Vince to thank for introducing me to him when I was about 10, Vince was cool and lived in London and he used to make my Mum mix tapes of all he’d been listening to, he still sends me music 30 years later but it’s on CD rather than cassette these days but I’m getting sidetracked… I’m really enjoying working on this quilt, I love the growing solidity of the layers as they’re stitched together and there’s been something meditative in following the bold outlines of the batik with just the sound of the machine chugging away.

I’ve finished all of the gold outline of the dragon and I’m really pleases with how the stitching appears on the reverse – here’s the face of the dragon and a chunk of the body:



I’m wanting to do further stitching on the body to introduce more colour to the reverse and to create more detail and texture on the quilt top so I spent an hour on Sunday doing some sample stitching on some scrap fabric:



I think I’ll go for the green scales on the body and just lines on the yellow underbelly – I thought about doing a pebble stitch here but seeing it next to the scales I thought the patterns looked too similar and busy so simple curved lines it is.

I’ve also to think how I’m going to fill the background too but for now I’ll leave you with a bit of John Cooper Clarke



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