Commuting Crochet: From Mermaids Tears to Ming the Merciless

My first commuting crochet project this year is the ‘Mermaid Tears’ purse pattern which I found on the fabulous ‘Crochet Crowd’ YouTube channel, I have Mikey to thank for teaching me how to crochet (plus ‘Beth in Texas’ who also does excellent tutorials) and I would urge anyone who wants to learn to crochet or pick up new techniques to watch his videos:

I attempted to learn the stitch last year but I just couldn’t get the hang of it but as I’ve got a bit more experience and confidence doing crochet now I thought I’d give it another shot. So glad I did as I’m really pleased with how this is coming on – it’s quite an intense stitch and isn’t the fastest to work but the effect is amazing:


Here’s where I’m up to now:


I like how the ‘tears’ sit and thought they looked almost like feathers which got me thinking about using different colour combinations in the work. I’d love to make a scarf using this stitch and maybe do a couple of rows to add to the neckline of a jumper, and after seeing Brian Blessed in ‘Flash Gordon’ at the weekend I could see the stitch being used to create sleeves on a top or perhaps I could make a massive bird winged cape! :

Image of Brian Blessed courtesy of: hardtickettohomevideo on WordPress

I love this film – we were taken to the pictures to see it when it first came out and my brother and I used to put the Queen soundtrack on and act out the film at home! When I watch it now, I enjoy the costumes and Art Deco inspired set more than anything – what torments me still is the final scene where the ring once worn by Ming the Merciless is shown on the floor with the wind blowing the dust from the ruined city against it, then a black gloved hand picks up the ring – the same gloves worn by Ming himself – and the words ‘The End’ appear followed by an enticing question mark…to my 8 year old self this held the promise of a sequel to the film, 30 years later I’m still waiting and hoping…


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