The Girl with the Dragon Sarong


About 10 years ago, one of my friends travelled to Thailand and bought me back this beautiful dragon batik sarong. As I live and take most of my holidays in Scotland there hasn’t really been much opportunity to wear it so it’s been buried in one of my fabric boxes till I decided what to do with it.


I started to experiment with free motion embroidery last year and it’s a skill I’d really like to develop so I decided to use the sarong as a base for my next project.


Got the layers tacked together while watching ‘Sherlock’ on Sunday night (how cruel to only give us 3 episodes in the series!) then I did the first bit of stitching tonight waiting for my jacket spud to cook:


I’m starting with the main outline of the body using a gold metallic thread, the backing fabric is black satin so I’m hoping to recreate the dragon on the reverse side as well. I find the first few stitches on a new embroidery quite nerve racking and I didn’t get into a proper rhythm with the machine tonight so I think a good session is in order at the weekend to get my quilting mojo flowing!


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