Aubrey Beardsley Embroidery Update – 2


I’m starting 2014 like many other bloggers by making a pledge to update my page more! I’ve just got myself a fancy new smartphone which is a lovely piece of tech so hopefully this will help my resolution!I must also say thanks for the comments that were left on the blog in 2013, it’s much appreciated 😊 I think this was the stage I was up to the last time I put an update on the progress of this embroidery, I’m glad to say that it’s moved a few steps closer to being finished but there’s still a way to go!

Drum roll please for the next photo… DSC_2154

Hooray! The tissue paper is gone! The final part of outlining the circles in the top left was greatly aided by the purchase of this hands free magnifier from my favourite supermarket Lidl for a measly £6.00 – what a store! I could write a whole separate post on my love for Lidl merchandise…anyway here’s where I’m up to now:


The French Knots haven’t taken as long as I thought they would so I’ve filled quite a lot in a short space of time. I pulled out the A3 print I have of the original artwork and there are a lot more smaller details that I hadn’t noticed when I viewed it online so there’s more to do than I thought.


I love working on this though, it’s the first time I’ve used an embroidery frame and it makes me feel like a Medieval Maiden:

I would love a dress like this! I’ll be keeping my eye out for some blue velvet now… thankfully I don’t share the sentiments of the subject Mariana:

I’m hoping to get some more done this week so there should be update 3 coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Aubrey Beardsley Embroidery Update – 2

    • Hello, thanks for the advice, I tend to balance the frame on my knees while sitting on the edge of the sofa, the magnifier has helped to stop me hunching over the embroidery so much!

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