Aubrey Beardsley Embroidery

This is the template for the embroidery I’m currently working on, it’s an idea that’s been in my head for a few years now and it’s fantastic to see it appearing on the fabric a stitch at a time:


Friday 28th June 2013

It’s been mounted on the frame and ready to go for about a month and I’ve been picking it up and stroking the tissue paper template, not allowing myself to start on it until the scarf I was working on was done (I will put up some pics of this at some point!)


I had a couple of days on the sick a few weeks back so I spent them on the sofa watching shite TV and stitching, I was on a bit of a downer about work and just felt generally shitty so a couple of days avoiding what was troubling me and working through it with the needle made me feel better, I know that sounds really self-indulgent but instead of moping and doing nothing it gave me the chance to sort my head out and seeing the progress of the work did wonders for my state of mind – I think the subject matter helps!


Why in God’s name did I draw the image on the tissue with a pencil? It’s a bugger to see and I have to stitch angled to the light  – an important lesson was learnt here!


This bottom section is reverse applique, I couldn’t cut as closely to the edge of the red fabric as I wanted so I’m planning on doing a 2nd row of stitching to neaten the edge of the red sections plus I snipped a couple of stitches that I’ll need to go over and tidy up.

I’ve got a total love/hate relationship with tissue templates, I love the feel of piercing the paper with the needle, and the relaxed nature of simply stitching the lines of the drawing. Then it’s really satisfying taking out the large chunks of paper to reveal the work beneath, it’s just the wee bits that get stuck under the stitches that take an age to remove and I get covered in little bits of paper despite my best efforts to put them all in a neat pile…


The biggest challenge – the top left corner. See what I mean about the pencil outline…my poor eyes! I made the decision to fill the centre of all the circles with French Knots as I wanted to add some texture to the piece so there’s going to be some intense stitching sessions coming on!