A backlog of finished work – No. 1

I may not have posted anything on this in a long while but my hands have been busy doing embroidery, crochet and sewing to justify my sloth like evenings spent watching TV!

This was my first make of the year – a framed embroidery which was a belated wedding gift for my boyfriends niece, it was based on her wedding cake which exhibited one of the most extraordinary examples of cake decoration I have ever seen:


I thought doing an embroidery of the whole cake was a tad ambitious and it would probably have turned into a wedding anniversary present so i decided to make a piece using just a section of the cake:Image

I used yellow felt for the letters and embroidered them with a bright pink silk thread using couching stitch to reflect the piped icing. For the flowers I painted a couple of flowers (taken from the Hen Night Lei we were issued with) with acrylic paint which gave them more of a solid appearance and looked like thick icing. I then cut out some red felt hearts and added them to the piece:




ImageI was really pleased with how this came out and the bright colours were great to work with in the depths of a Scottish Winter! My only regret with it is that I didn’t add the wedding penguins stood at the foot of the cake (the wedding was held in a library and had a Penguin Classics book cover theme) but as the gift was well overdue all ready I thought I better get it wrapped up and handed over!

Hope to post more finished pieces over the next week or so (or going by my current rate of posts the next one will be mid July!)


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