Long time no see

I haven’t put anything on this in an absolute age – I wonder how many more abandoned blogs are languishing out there? Having spent most of this evening reading blogs that are lovingly tended and cared for I was struck with guilt and felt compelled to write at least a small post!

I’ve been getting more into photography over the past year and a trip to the Lady Victoria Colliery – now home to the National Mining Museum of Scotland  in Newtongrange near Edinburgh – proved to be a photographers dream, especially if you love industrial buildings!

In my Flickr photo stream on the right of the page are some of my photos from the day, they’re my first attempt at creating HDR images, I don’t normally like this kind of photo processing but there was so much detail in the images that I just wanted to bring it all out!

The museum charges £7.50 for entry and serves one of the finest bacon rolls I have eaten in a long time – a good crusty roll, a generous spread of butter and they don’t skimp on the bacon, a wee slathering of brown sauce to top it off and I held perfection in my hands! Oooh I’ve gone all wistful just thinking about it! I’ll be back!

This is one of my favourites – the teeth of the coal cutter look like metal birds to me, I imagine them pecking away at the coal face:


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