Scarf quilt




<img title=”DSC_0777.JPG” class=”alignnone” alt=”image” src=”; /

Obligatory picture of pet on sewing approaching…

The dog makes himself comfy – how could I shift him off when he’s got such a contented look on his little face!




I didnt take any photo’s of the sewing in.progress – there wasn’t anything exciting to show as I was just sewing round the outlines of the pattern, I think this is the first thing ive worked solidly on as it’s finished after 3 days of work.

Well I said it was finished but then I decided to quilt it further using a bronze thread. I’m really enjoying free motion quilting but I’ve gone way off the line in places! It will come with practice I’m sure…hope to get it finished tomorrow, it’s supposed to be another driech rainy day tomorrow so doing this should cheer my mood.

close up of slightly wonky stitching

I loved doing these petals


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