The big sort out

Well we were supposed to be on the west coast of Scotland on holiday but the van had other ideas. Travelling along the A84 on our merry way the van suddenly lost all drive and a strange grinding sound rumbled underneath us. All of our guardian angels must have swept into action as we were able to coast into a roadside restaurant car park, I mean what are the chances of the breakdown happening right at that spot? We were so lucky,the roads are pretty windy up there and we could have been in real trouble…the upshot of this is that the van had to be winched back home, very cool being in the front cab of the truck just wish I could have experienced it under different circumstances! I was dying to get a photo of the van on the truck but I didn’tthink Paul would want a reminder of the van in such a position! So here we are spending the week at home instead. Thought I’d use the time to have a proper sort out of my workspace which is a mass of clutter with stuff piled round my feet – I can barely find the sewing machine pedal sometimes!



I found this headboard from a child’s bed out the back by the bins and I had a total brainwave to turn it into a hanging basket storage system


( it doesnt look much like a system yet!)
Id been wanting to make these for a while so this provided the perfect opportunity

(link to website)


So there we have it! It gives me a wee bit more space but I couldn’t put up the shelf I wanted on the adjacent wall due to the presence of leccy cables in the wall so theres still an organized jumble of stuff on the desk but it’s a contained jumble and I can lay my hands on my tools pretty easily now.


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