Quilted art


Ive done bits of embroidery before but it’s been used more as an embellishment rather than the sole method of making marks on the fabric. As I haven’t done any hand sewing in ages I thought I’d start with something relatively simple. I love woodcuts from the 16th and 17th century – this one dates from around 1550 and features imagined natives of Africa – what strange and wonderful creatures! I started off by tracing the image then pinning it on to the fabric


Originally I was just going to do tacking stitches around the main outlines but I got carried away and forth first 2 figures I ended up sewing through all the shading as well as I wasn’t very confident about doing the detail free hand. After spending ages trying to pull the tiny bits of tissue from inbetween the stitches with tweezers I thought bugger it and did the rest of the detail just going from the image,


This shot is a bit dark as I took the photo about 12:30 last night! My plan is to attach the embroidery to some batting and to sew round the figures and the lines on the ground to give it some depth, I’ve got some frames that are a bit small for photos so I thin I’ll mount it in that. Really pleased with how it’s come out – Paul was looking at me with a “god what you up to now” look on his face but he thinks

it’s quite cool now! Ive been off work with the flu for a couple of days this week so thisvwas a great to do while I was lolling on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle and 60 minute makeover!


Stitching the border


Finished and mounted on card – shame about the shoogly border but this was my first attempt so I’m not being to hard on myself!


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