As the Crow Flies

An idea for how to use the perspex and the old maps came to me last night so this is my plan for my next jewellery class, I’m thinking of either a pendant or a brooch for this one.

Print out silhouettes templates and stick to perspex – I’ve never cut perspex before so I should maybe cut a simpler shape if I’m using the electric saw for the first time…might just stick with the piercing saw even if it does take longer!

Next stage is to cut the map and apply it to the underside of the perspex –  I love the detail on maps especially the Ordnance Survey series, Can’t wait to be sitting in the van planning the holiday hikes and following the trails till they reach the end of the map – I feel as free as a bird then seeing the possibilities, the different routes we can take and
maybe straying off the beaten track every now and again!

I’ll take some pics of the work in progress, I’m using this blog to pull together the notes / photographs / tutorials / patterns that I keep in various places so I’ve got all my ideas and inspirations in one place, can’t wait to see how this turns out!


Well here’s stage 2 complete, the initial rough cutout was harder than the detailed sawing around the template as you can see by the number of broken saw blades! Think I went through about 7/8 of them!

My original plan was to use an old OS map for the brooch but then I got hold of some reproduction maps from the 1650’s that were being chucked so I snatched them out of the recycling bin!
I stuck the map to the perspex and then cut gently round the edges with a craft knife, I then cut another piece to cover the pin at the back. I put one layer of modpodge (or posh pva glue as the bloke in the art shop called it!) and left it to dry overnight. Think I’ll have to do a few more layers of this and try using a different brush to apply it as I don’t want the brush strokes to be as obvious. I’m really pleased with how this is coming on.

24 July 2013 Update

I did actually finish this months ago (if not last year!) but haven’t had a photo until now so here’s the brooch in all its glory:

crow broochI’m really pleased with how this came out especially how the waterways and hills on the map follow the shape of the wings. I’d like to do some more of these as I’ve got a few maps kicking about, I’m thinking of using different bird silhouettes as well, I love the idea of making a piece with a whole flock of birds (or a murder if it’s all crows!)



Metro letters

I travel into work by train every day and I enjoy my morning routine of a cup of coffee in my thermos mug (or a cappucino from the station if I’m feeling flush/running late) a toasted bagel which ive made at home and wrapped in foil Sean keaveny on 6music and finally a read of the metro free newspaper which graces train and bus seats across the land. The letters page is always gd for a laugh so I thought I’d share the ones that I particularly like – the passengers getting silently wound up by others actions and instead of confronting the person they vent there anger,frustration and irritability in the pages of the metro – here’s an example:

image” />

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Postcard sized quilt art

I’ve been thinking of starting some small quilting projects as there’s so many techniques to try and if something doesn’t work out I haven’t wasted materials! I’m quite into using recycled materials so this would also be a great way to use up scraps of fabric that I hate throwing away! I like the idea of using my landscape photographs as a base and maybe adding found objects to the artwork, will give me a good excuse to get the paints out again as well and to try image transfer techniques (dare I put fabric through the printer? I can already hear the grief I’ll get if I jam it up!) Anyway – here’s examples of others work that I really like:

love the texture of the tree trunks  in this – it’s a simple  image that really captures the cold stillness of a Winter’s night.

“A typical scene while flyin’ down the highway to the lake on a hot summer day.  Pretty yellow canola fields and clear blue skies.  Machine and hand stitched.  Sent from Saskatchewan, Canada to California, USA this week.  ; ) ”

Another simple design that again seems to capture a moment – I’m always gazing out the car window and I love the birds in this – really gives it life.

fab embroidered leaves – bit too ambitious for my novice machine quilting skills!

Finally, a couple of mixed media cards – really like the use of paper in the one above – could be a way of using up some of the hundreds of postage stamps I own!